Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2014

UPDATED: Photos recovered and text reviewed.

It’s getting really hot in Tokyo these days, almost seems that we just passed from winter to summer in the last week. If I’m almost at my limit during the day now, I can’t imagine the hell I’ll live in summer.
To get in the summer mood, relax and refresh a bit next to the sea, tomorrow is the last day for attending the Hawaii Festival in Odaiba.
I was there last saturday, on the very first day of the event, without knowing almost anything about what was going on, or at what time. I just knew day and place, so that’s a starter.

Odaiba Hawaii Festival performance

The hype is strong in me, so when I arrived to Venus Fort in Odaiba it was just a few minutes for the event to start, 2 minutes exactly!! After checking the schedule for the day and the food stands I took a seat and enjoyed hawaian dancing under the blazing sun.

Odaiba Hawaii Festival performance

After the first show… Time to EAT!! so we checked the stnads around the stage craving for food.

Venus Fort, packed with food stands outdoor
Chicken on teh left, Loco Moco Burger on the right
Açai banana and mango flavour

Plenty of time between shows, good time to walk around Odaiba or do some shopping.

A walk around the beach in Odaiba helped to get in the mood

And back to the last show at night!

Odaiba Hawaii Festival performance

Hope you liked it and remember tomorrow tuesday is the last day of the event!!
(yeah I know I’m a slowpoke sometimes updating but I was busy in other places!!)

See you next hype!

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