Gundam (mobile suit) in Odaiba

UPDATED: Photos recovered
Hello readers, I can’t write as much as I want these days. Japanese school, acting jobs, training at the gym, plus a good friend from Barcelona is staying in Tokyo for a week so I’m out most of the time, but that means I’ll move around the city to take photos and hype, so it’s good.
Today it’s a short entry, I’ll bring to you the overwhelming 1/1 scale giant robot RX-78-2 from the Gundam series, one of the most iconic “mecha” in the japanese pop culture., built in Odaiba.

Gundam, Odaiba

This Titan is 18 meters high and was built as part of the 30th anniversary of Gundam, the project finished in 2009, right after my first trip to Japan and couldn’t see it.
I came back in 2010 to Japan, but couldn’t see it again because they moved the statue to Shizuoka just 3 days before I arrived to Tokyo (Damn you, giant robot that I know nothing about because I never watched Gundam, but anyways it’s freaking cool to see a giant robot with light an all).

Gundam, Odaiba.
Gundam, Odaiba.

Then, finally 2012 came to settle a new stage of my life in Tokyo, went to Odaiba and suddenly it appeared right in front of me, a huuuuge AWESOME robot (the kid in me screamed like a fangirl).

Gundam, Odaiba.

See you next hype!!

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