Tokyo Game Show 2014

This weekend in Tokyo is a bit of madness, since we’re having here the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), and thousands of gamers are on pilgrimage to attend the event outside of Tokyo.
What to say about the event? sure you already been following the news that flow on the internet, game trailers, presentations, surprises and deceptions, so I’m gonna focus on a bit of what is a day around the event.

Entrance to Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Messe venue.

Wake up early or, in my case this year, didn’t go to sleep because I was excited as ever. Get on a train and start looking at people around, the usual faces you can see almost everyday plus an increase of videogame themed t-shirts and portable consoles on the trains, suspicious but still average day in Tokyo.
Once you’re arriving on your last train transfer out of Tokyo on the way to Makuhari Messe, the situation changes. Suddenly the train is packed as hell and you barely can breath inside the train.
Arrived to the site and start walking, almost out of the station, but why so many people standing here?

Indeed, first line of the day to enter the first Hall 9 (from 1 to 9 Halls for all the event) and still around 500 metres close to the first entrane.
Build up patience and good mood, expecting an awesome day trying new games, watching the latest news and sharing the experience.

First hour just to enter the Hall 9, then go inside and, got into the second line of the day, wait till 10:30AM so they open the Main Hall, and the rest of them to the assistants to the TGS. More patience, this line doesn’t seem that bad, they open the stairs, groups of 10 people going up, then is my turn, one more step…

Long wait at XBOX stand, Tokyo Game Show.
Trying out Kinect at Tokyo Game Show.

After two hours of standing, and you trying not to think about that coffee and the soft drink I had a while before. Patience is starting to lose momentum, and people is barely talking anymore. It’s almost midday and still haven’t seen any games.

Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.

Finally, rush to find the game that has been announced for days before the event, want to try that game before anybody else, I arrive to the stand, and again. There’s a line already, the staff says from your point you have to wait two hours to play 5five minutes to one game. Decided to move away from the line and just wander around the TGS, watching game trailers on huge screens and playing with indie games or other line in other stands for 10 to 30 minutes to play some other games I never heard about.

Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Ninja turtles at Tokyo Game Show.

Then walk around just taking pictures and start commenting how pretty are the hostess of the TGS, the stands, the atmosphere and realize this is how I’m really enjoying the day. Will play those long awaited games once they’re released, can wait because now, the line to take pictures to cosplay models is taking too long to move.

Praise the sun, Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.
Tokyo Game Show 2014.

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