moshi moshi nippon 2014

Sunday last week I assisted at the first edition of Moshi Moshi Nippon, and I said first, because after the succeed of the event I’m pretty sure next year they’ll have it again.
Moshi Moshi Nippon is an event created to promote japan popculture and fashion mainly to foreigners, but japanese can assist there as well (of course). The difference between foreigners and japanese assistants to the event was the price, so it was free entry for foreigners, probably (and I include myself) is difficult to attract foreigners to these events, as the knowledge about the REAL japanese popculture and fashion is still in a process of expansion. I’ve seen many “wannabe” foreigners around Tokyo for the past 2 years, or the others that think everyone in Japan consumes manga and anime and are experts on the samurai and ninja arts, or practice the tea ceremony everyday. OH the stereotypes….. anyways, I’m starting to miss the point here.

Tokyo National Stadium, Moshi moshi nippon.

What really got my attention was the artists invited to the event, specially Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as main artist invited, and also because it was free entry for foreigners studying in Japan. Well done.

Kyary Pamyu Pamy, main artist invited to Moshi Moshi Nippon 2014.

// I expected and what I found at the event was around the same concept I thought. An event, with booths from different companies related to the fashion business, music, TV and popculture, plus an unexpected karaoke booth. DJ and acts on the outdoor stages, meanwhile inside the stadium, the main concerts took place. Silent Siren, May’n, and the superstar closing the event Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I must confess I became a fan of her style after dedicating some time to hear her discography and investigate about the style she promotes, and think she’s doing an awesome job, respect that. Many TV talent, foreigner and half-japanese models as well went on the catwalk.//
On the main stage, the closest space to the stage was reserved for foreigners, and just foreigners, so they could have a feeling of the japanese popculture reeeeeally close, but I think it wasn’t fair for the japanese that paid the entry fee to see their favourite artists.

Japan pop culture at its best in Moshi Moshi Nippon.
Stands and acts out of the stadium as well at Moshi Moshi Nippon.
Stands and acts out of the stadium as well at Moshi Moshi Nippon.
Fashion brands invited to participate at Moshi Moshi Nippon.


Main stage views from the reserved seats, that’s all I needed, but I wished to be more closer… too late, the crowd invaded the stage before I noticed.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert, Moshi Moshi Nippon.
Moshi Moshi Nippon 2014 event at Tokyo National Stadium.

Would you attend this event if you have the chance next year?

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