Osaka Castle

UPDATED: Photos recovered

Osaka castle, one of the most popular to visit in Japan. The original dates from the 16th century and had a main role in the unification of Japan.
Nowadays and after many restorations, is a museum about the history of the caslte and the facts that surrounded it for centuries.
My favourite part of all is this quote “In 1660, lightning ignited the gunpowder warehouse and the resulting explosion set the castle on fire. In 1665, lightning struck and burnt down the main tower.”
What are the odds of just in 5 years that the castle gets struck by lightning?

Osaka castle_01
Entry to Osaka castle complex.

Osaka castle_02
Exterior walls of the Osaka castle.
Osaka castle_03
Views of the city from Osaka castle.
Osaka castle_05
Osaka castle gardens.
Osaka castle_04
Osaka castle

Reconstructed as a museum, it’s possible at Osaka castle to get a view of the city from the top, learn about the castle and city history, and buy some souvenirs.

Osaka castle_06
Views from Osaka castle.
Osaka castle_07
Views from Osaka castle.
Osaka castle_08
Inside Osaka castle.

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