Okinawa trip: part 1

My last trip in Japan this 2014 went straight to my top 1st position in the ranks. It takes around 3 hours from Haneda airport to Naha airport in Okinawa.
on the second half of October the weather was still warm at night, and hot during day, mostly sunny and hot.

First thing to do in Okinawa, if you planning on visit many places around, is to rent a car. This will save you a lot of time on buses and schedules. We rent it for 3000¥ / day and completely worth it.

 One of the first things made us confused was that, probably because of the US army bases in Okinawa, everything is “americanazed”

 Out first destination was Ryukyu Mura, a theme park of Okinawan culture and tradition, easiest and fastest way to learn about the island you’re stepping in.

  This is Shisa, hybrid lion-dog, protector from evil spirits in almost all okinawan houses.

 Eisa dance and performance

 Habu is the name of okinawan viper, one of the most venomous in the World. Smile….

….And the old man was just holding it by the head, fearless…

 Welcome to Americaland!! Another of those “are we still in Japan?” moments

 After a long day walking around, watching sunsets, it was time to hit the main streets in Naha for drinks, we end up in a restaurant with ALL YOU CAN DRINK Awamori liquor…. from the tap! it was a nonstop refill our cups.


High five for the hangover!! come on granny!!

 Midnight craving for more food and drinks.

And that was our first day in okinawan paradise, second day will be updated soon!

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