Okinawa Trip: Part 2

Secon day of our trip in Okinawa, we woke up pretty wasted after first night awamori sake, but we managed to get up, take a quick breakfast and head up north of the island by car. First stop at Busena Marine Park.
Just a normal day in Okinawa, US Army, no sign of Godzilla.

 Arrived to Busena Marine Park, 4 meter depth observatory.

 There’s plenty of fish in the sea they say….

 The fantastic views of any beach in Okinawa, feels like paradise.

 After the observatory we rode on a boat to explore more about the depths of Okinawa sealife.

Once we finished at Busena Park and started to get hungry because of staring at fish for long time we decided to go to our second stop of the day, churaumi aquarium. The second largest aquarium in the World.

 Jinbei, the main attraction of Churaumi Aquarium, the whale-shark

 Splendid Jinbei are splendid.

 The reason I didn’t go to the beach in Japan for months, 8 meter squid

Our last stop of the day was Kouri island, a bit more up North, aka “Love Island” but we didn’t figured it out why the name…. the bridge was impressive, pictures don’t make justice of what we saw.

With sunset, we went back to the car and headed to Naha for our second night in the city, still many food to eat and many booze to drink!

See ya on the part 3 of the okinawa trip, soon updated!
If you missed the first part, here’s the link Okinawa Trip: part 1

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