Bousaikan 防災間 Disaster prevention center

During my 2 years at a japanese school in Tokyo I attended 2-3 times to the disaster prevention center. In Japan is normal to go to this centers so everyone knows a minimum in case of disaster, which is pretty usual in Japan. From preventing fire to how to survive Earthquakes disaster this disaster preventein centers are pretty interactive and complete.

How to use a fire extinguisher. Don’t forget to scream FIRE! while using it, so the fire is scared.

My favourite, the panic room, a group enters this house, then gets smokey and dark, and they have to crawl to the exit to survive, while the rest watch the screens.

 Earthquake simulator, shake shake shake

Luckily, I never had to use the things I’ve learned at the disaster prevention center, but I think I’m ready to face any of those situations…. or maybe not, I just panic and fail.

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