Food Hunting: Wagyu 和牛

With te visit of my parents to Japan last year to Tokyo, I had the chance to eat Wagyu, the cattle breeds from Japan, the highest-grade meat of Japan,  at top of World level.
I say I had the chance because having a wagyu full course is more than 12.000¥, a direct hit to any student’s wallet, so thanks dad for inviting me.
Wagyu, or japanese beef is raised giving the cows massages and feeding it with sake or beer, and have a disposition for marbling, wich it makes the meat to melt on every bite.

Raw wagyu for starters

 The full course was splendid, just remember it makes me droll.

 So tender that melts on your tongue, the best steak I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Not affordable for student budgets as I said, and probably our of your budget if you’re backpacking around Japan, but if you have the chance, I dare to say that is one of the “must eat” dishes during your journey.

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