New Year 2015

I know, bit late but…. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!

I’ve been out since Christmas, went back to Tokyo to spend New Year’s, and, for the first time, I went to a shrine for the first year’s visit.

My first experience doing 初詣 (Hatsumoude, or first year’s visit) was incredibly nice.
We head to Meiji Jingu on 2nd january, expecing large lines to attend the shrine.

 Thanks officer to control the lines, everything went real smooth, and we got in front in a blink.

After praying for my wish to come true, we headed to the sides of the shrine to get our new lucky charms (mine is for travellers) and our fortune for 2015 on a paper.

Then, it was time for lunch, on the food stands on the surroundings of the shrine and some hot rice sake without alcohol (damn, forgot the name) but it was too sweet.

 Hope you all made your year resolution for 2015 and fight for it to be accomplished.
Happy New Year!!

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