Fuji ’13

Back in 2013 I did go in one of my crazy adventures, to climb the Mt. Fuji. Where is the crazy part in this? While most of the people starts their trip at the 5th station, solo or in group tours, I heard some other people starts at the 3rd station, making it a bit more interesting, and only a few start their trip from the zero station. And I had to do it before it became World Heritage and the climbing season started, or else, it’ll be so crowded that won’t matter anymore.
Where is that station? That is, the trip from the sea to the summit of Mt. Fuji. Still not adventurous enough? I decided to do it alone, and non-stop without sleep, carrying my backpack with all I needed.

5AM heading to Tsuruga Bay.

Filled a bottle with Sea water, why? to pour it at the top of Fuji.

Wall clibing for starters, getting into the Bay wasn’t easy as expected. The journey was promising.

Lots of road at the beginning, foggy, and still no sign of Fuji.

Around noon finally got off the first forest and saw Fuji.

Into Aokigahara…. my mistake.

After getting lost in the forest somehow I made it to the 5th station, now the real adventure was just getting started. 8PM

Step by step…..

Arrived on time for the sunrise…. Astonishing 4:23AM

23 Hours after, made it to the summit….

… and poured the sea water into the crater

I recommend anyone that visits Japan and has enough time and energy, to climb the Fuji, the views are undescriptible, better see by yourselves.

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