Nikko 日光

A day trip from Tokyo if you like tight schedules and speed sightseeing if you want to visit all in Nikko. If not, you can choose to make only the main tourist spots there. Located in Tochigi prefecture, Nikko is well-known for the Toshogu shrine, the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the Three Wise Monkeys. The shrine complex in Nikko is worth the visit, all surrounded by nature, the cravings and details of the shrines are a wonderful masterpiece.

Main entrance to Toshogu

The Toshogu shrine
Details on cravings and decoration of shrines.
Can’t hear, Can’t talk, Can’t see. The Three Wise Monkeys
The Sleeping Cat, anothe famous craving in Toshogu.
Up after the sleeping cat entry, directly to Tokugawa’s mausoleum
Entrance to the mausoleum
Even more buildings in Nikko, a rich nature and preserved area.
Gold and red decorations all around.

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