Kegon Falls 華厳滝

The Kegon Falls, located at Lake Chūzenji in Nikkō National Park in Tochigi prefecture. It takes a 40 minutes bus trip from Nikko to arrive, recommendable if you have enough time to visit Nikko, or if you plan to stay in Tochigi prefecture.

Natural science museum, a visit for the next time I go to Nikko.

At 97 m high, it is one of Japan’s three highest waterfalls. In the autumn, one of the most popular spots to view the momiji (red colors of autumn).
In 1927, the Kegon Falls was recognized as one of the “Eight Views” which best showed Japan and its culture in the Shōwa period.

The kegon falls

The Kegon Falls are sadly also popular for suicides, for desperate and heartbroken youngsters.

Water leaks from the wall cracks.
Monkeys move freely in the mountain area, but are not easy to get closer.

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