Kanazawa station 金沢駅

I was invitied by a friend to come over to Kanazawa, in Ishikawa prefecture for Golden week on 2013. I didn’t think about it twice and was an easy decision to make, I had the time and the chance to explore a bit more of other prefectures. By night bus from Tokyo, it took 6 hour trip to arrive to Kanazawa, the JR station in Kanazawa was an amazing view to start the day. I heard about the design of the station but seeing it was the perfect entryway to the city. Didn’t realize on first sight about the design, that is similar to a traditional japanese drum instrument, plus a japanese gate.

The JR Kanazawa station ione of the most beautiful stations architecture I’ve seen in Japan. The East Gate is named Tsuzumi (drum)


Surroundings of the station.


The inside architecture is incredible.


Welcoming board to Kanazawa.


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