Now that the spring seems to fully settled in Barcelona, is nice to go out on weekends and walk around before the tourism high season and the high temperatures strikes as every summer. Since the 1992 Barcelona olympic games, Barceloneta district has become a really attractive and touristy area of Barcelona. Historically a fishermen and workers district of old Barcelona, still keeps it’s charming ambience, seafood restaurants and small bars fill the streets of Barceloneta, plus walking along the beach makes the experience a must during spring time.
In summertime though, the tourists invade every single bar and nightclub of Barceloneta, making it near to impossible to enjoy the real charm of Barceloneta coastline.

Barceloneta beach

On weekends usually is possible to find little stands along the port with artisan food and products from the Catalonian region.

Catalonian “llangonissa”
artisan fruit candy
Differents styles of bread, pies and pizza
seaside main road
Barceloneta beach line

The original inside of the district was built with low and square buildings, nowadays some of the buildings remain original, but most of the idstrict has changed.

Barceloneta district building style
Barceloneta district building style

Among all the tapas there’s specially one to try, the bombas, deep fried potato ball filled with meat, toped with allioli and red spicy sauce. Originary from Barceloneta, there are as many types and stiles as restaurants.

“Bombas” from the Jai-ca bar.

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