Work in Tokyo: Acting

On previous posts I talked about some of the part time jobs I did during my stay in Tokyo, but I skiped the acting job, because it became more than a regular part time job to me.

I had previous experience with really small theatre plays and some voice recording, but nothing like all I did in Japan.
I started by chance, going to register with a friend to an agency for foreigners in Tokyo, non expecting any jobs soon as my previous experience I considered it wasn’t enough, but a couple of weeks after, the agency called an I had my first appearence as background cowboy on a TV commercial.
Gust American Fair

It took some time to get started in the acting biz but the jobs started to get better, so I decided to retire from all previous part time jobs (teaching, hall staff, party host,…) and dedicated on exclusive to perform and go to auditions.
The turning point was to be able to speak both fluent japanese and english, plus spanish, french, and be able to fast learn any lines in other languages and fake accents.
What to expect on a normal work day at a shooting? Long boring hours between scenes, a lot of repeating, and bento for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But also there’s more people with you in the shooting, so you can make lot of social connections and good workmates, as mostly everyone else around you is, or has been in the same situation.

The Coca Cola Zero was one of the best CM I worked in.

Even acting and voice acting two different roles in the same CM

During all those years I worked in many TV drama, Commercials, music videos, and even a small part in a movie on the last year.
Vancouver no Asahi

For this year I’m going to work hard on my studies and try to keep on working somehow in the show biz, and if I go under similar conditions to Japan, restart that acting job that brought so many good experiences.

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