Shibuya 渋谷

Center gai, the shopping and entertainment area in Shibuya district, Tokyo, is the center for youth fashion, a never-ending area of shopping malls, fashion stores, boutiques and game centers. During daytime is quite comfortable to walk around, but it’s in the evening that the district gets packed with youngsters, finishing their shopping day, heading to bars or nightclubs.

Shopping and entertainment in Shibuya.

World brands and Japan fashion trends mix in Shibuya

Not only popular by its fashion, Shibuya attracts plenty of international tourists, just to cross the Shibuya scramble crossing, surrounded by neon lights and giant video screens.

Shibuya scramble, pedestrian crossing, even more impressive at night.
I’ve seen it even more packed. Also, I’m in the photo. Hard to find, I guess?


Shibuya 109 is one of the landmarks in Shibuya fashion scene. I, myself been there during winter sale last Christmas, and I dare to say it was one of the most exhausting and dispiriting experiences I had in Tokyo, but I wasn’t alone. Me, and the rest of the guys there waiting for they girlfriends were in the same situation.

Shibuya 109, fashion shopping mall in the heart of Shibuya.

Hachiko, probably Japan’s most famous dog, has its own statue next to Shibuya station, where it used to wait for its owner everyday. Its owner, the professor Ueno at university of Tokyo, died and never came back from work, but Hachiko waited for him at the station everyday for the rest of its life.

Hachiko, the loyal dog.

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