Thunder Rucs – Fuives

On some weekends, I participate with a Harley Davidson motorcycle group from Barcelona, and go touring around Catalunya.
As the group name is Thunder Rucs, as “rucs” by the catalan name for “donkey”, a unique animal in the region, and the best donkey breed in the World. At Fuives you can get to know more about the catalan donkey species and how to adopt one of them.

Our donkey, Harley

One of the latest routes we made was to go to a donkey farm in the small location of Berga, and become the Godfathers of a donkey, that the group named “Harley”. cute, right? making honour to our group and to our donkeys.

Our steel horses

This time I made a video with my camera GoPro Hero 3 and edited the best moments.

Harley and me


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