Weekend in Salzburg, 2012

Back to my trip through Austria in 2012, after spending half day in Vienna, I went by train to Salzburg early in the morning. First thing that surprised me, probably because I was still a bit sleepy, was the fact that I could get on the train without any barriers or ticket gates. Then I panicked on the train when I realized I didn’t buy any ticket on the station, but that’s the point, you pay the ticket to your destination on the train.
I was sleeping the whole trip to Salzburg to recover some energy, I just slept 3-4 hours the night before. Once in Salzburg I took a bus to the hostel and waited there for my friends, that would be my tourist guides for 2 days.

The view from the rooftop of the faculty, Salzburg fortress. Later on that day we went up there.

Statue of Mozart, Salzburg
The smallest house in Salzburg.
Trying the local food at the market, Salzburg
Old fashion shopping street, Salzburg
Going up to the fortress, through Sounds of Music scenarios, Salzburg.
The views of the city from the fortress, Salzburg.

The second day was on schedule and everything planned by my friends, so I just had to relax and enjoy.

Maria Plein church.
Up to the mountain. Incredible that it was March, surrounded by snow and wearing just a tshirt. The weather was perfect.
Salzburg views from the mountain.
On the road again, Red Bull HQ, spotted.
Wolfgangsee, lake near Salzburg.
Walking around Wolfgangsee.
Crystal clear water.
Wandering around Wolfgangsee.

From here I can’t say how grateful I am to my friends in both Vienna and Salzburg, without them the experience wouldn’t have been the same
Thank you!!!

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