Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto 清水寺

Kiyomizudera, is a World Heritage buddhist temple complex located in Kyoto.
Curious details of kiyomizudera is that it was built without using even one nail, and it’s given its name by the waterfall running within the complex. The present buildings date from the Heian period by order of Tokugawa Iemisu.






Good guy love master and its rabbit of love. That part of the shrine complex surroundings is dedicated to lovely couples.

In ancient times, it was common for people brave or crazy enough to jump off from here and survive… I want to try but now this practice is forbidden.


The water fountain in Kiyomizudera temple.Otowa-no-taki, where visitors drink for health, longevity, and success in studies

Otowa no taki, Kiyomizudera.

UPDATED: Pictures and text reviewed

7 thoughts on “Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto 清水寺

  1. The most surprising thing is that some of the people who made a wish and jumped off Kiyomizu dera actually survived. Inside the love shrine you can find nails in a tree that were used for ancient japanese spells when you went out in the dead of night to nail a tree to bewitch someone.

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      1. josephbautista

        Didn’t try that. What I did try was to walk from stone to stone with both eyes closed. Kiyomizudera has many secrets.


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