Kanazawa fish market, Omi-cho

When I was asked by my friend Yurina about what I’d like to eat, my answer was clear. I want to eat local food and specialities
So we did, and she took me straight to the fish market in Kanazawa, Omi-cho market.
A huge building in Kanazawa city, lodging more than 150 food shops and restaurants, where you can try the freshest food. We arrived there on lunch rush hour on a weekend, so better be there a little bit earlier.

Tourists and locals mix in Omi-cho market, Kanazawa

The veggetables, fish and seafood is of the freshest level and top quality. The Omi-cho market is the gastronomic center in Kanazawa. I couldn’t have possibly enough with just one time, so we came back on the next day, had some appetizers and bought lots of fresh fish to make Temaki later for dinner.

The freshest seafood at Omi-cho market, Kanazawa


From the sea to the table in a moment at Omi-cho market, Kanazawa

At lunch, I was hesitating between all the delicious options but finally I decided for a Kaisendon, a rice bowl with a mix of fish and seafood. Japanese food suits me good, when I can’t decide, I just have to order the bowl with everything on it.

Time to eat Kaisendon! Omi-cho market

Small dishes to share with your partner, perfect, like tapas style, sharing food culture.

Squid served, japanese style, Omi-cho market


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