Ryoanji temple in Kyoto

One of the top beautiful temple complex gardens I’ve seen in Japan was at Ryoanji temple, in Kyoto, including the famous zen garden inside. Some indications of how to get to Ryoanji temple.
Really simple, sand and fifteen rocks. It is not clear the purpose of that arrangement nowadays, and we should go back to the Muromachi era and ask the designers. It is said it has a connection with the tea ceremony and zen.
The visit isn’t only the Ryoanji zen garden of the temple, but the temple itself and the surrounding gardens are a must for a peaceful walk. I took a series of photos during spring and sakura season, that was beatiful.

Ryoanji zen garden, Kyoto

Ryoanji zen garden, Kyoto
Ryoanji zen garden, Kyoto
small replica of zen garden, Ryoanji, Kyoto
Inside Ryoanji building, Kyoto
Ryoanji temple complex room, Kyoto
Ryoanji gardens, Kyoto
Ryoanji gardens, Kyoto
Ryoanji gardens, Kyoto
Ryoanji gardens, Kyoto
Ryoanji gardens, Kyoto
Ryoanji gardens entry, Kyoto
Ryoanji gardens, Kyoto

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