Hype in Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree!! The tallest tower in the world!! Already hyped after my visit in 2010 to Japan, I saw the tower under construction, and I just recovered one of the pictures I took at the time. You can check pictures of Tokyo Sky Tree next, through my visits every year.

Tokyo Sky tree under construction, 2010

Finally completed, I came back in 2012, and went to visit the World’s tallest tower at the moment, till some other country decides to build another one even larger….. This Titan is 634,0 Metres tall and is place for broadcasting, observation tower, cofee place, even an exhibition gallery inside (if you pay extra. If you start walking from the Senso-ji shrine is quite a long walk, even if you see the tower it never gets closer….

Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Stree

If you prefer, there’s a metro station to get to Tokyo Sky Tree as well.

Tokyo Sky Tree station

Didn’t expect on the tallest tower, also the longest line to get in. I was innocent back in 2012, when I was still new as a Tokyo resident. It took more than 2 hours just to buy the tickets, but we made it!

Views from Tokyo Sky Tree
Views from Tokyo Sky Tree

Night illumination Tokyo Sky Tree, I got the chance to see this view many times. And it changes colors.

Tokyo Sky Tree at night

Some other days you’re not lucky but still can go to the observatory to see what they call (白い世界) or white world.

Tokoy Sky Tree

If you ever want to climb up the Tokyo Sky Tree, be sure you have enough time and be patient for the long wait and the crowd inside, don’t make any other rush appointments on that day, you might be late.

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