Things to do in Kanazawa, my Golden week trip

It’s been a little more than 2 years of my trip to Kanazawa, but I would like to share some tips and my experience of my weekend in Kanazawa for Golden Week.
At the time, I wasn’t good enough with japanese reading so my friend Yurina helped me a lot with the transport reservation and guiding me through the city. Golden week is a peak travel season for japanese so doing reservation was a bit harder than expected. She reserved a night bus for me, from Shinjuku bus terminal to Kanazawa.
Night buses are quite comfortable in Japan, and quite cheap as well. I took the night bus to several places in Japan, and I recommend it if you have the time and enough experience and endurance to sleep on a bus.

Kanazawa station.

Once I arrived to Kanazawa at 7AM next day, I had breakfast on a Starbucks next to the station and wandered around the impressive Kanazawa station.

Welcome to Kanazawa, Japan.

My first day in Kanazawa was an all-day tour around the city. After I met my friend at the station, we headed to visit the must see attractions of the city. The Oyama shrine, Kenrokuen garden and the castle, the Omicho fish market, for lunch.

For children’s day in Japan, they tie carps representing kids and their parents for celebration of the day.
Children’s day, every May 5th, a part of Golden week’s celebrations.

After lunch we walked around through the streets of Kanazawa to Higashichaya golden district, then took the loop bus to visit 21st century museum of contemporary art and the samurai district.

21st century museum of contemprary art, Kanazawa.


Kanazawa’s Loop Bus.


After a long and exhausting first day we decided to take it easy on the second day and just wandered around, and I did what I enjoyed the most, blending in with locals. We visited again the fish market to buy some fresh food for last night dinner in Kanazawa.

Kanazawa’s city surroundings.
Shrine hidden in the forest, Kanazawa.
Kanazawa’s fish market, Omi-cho.
Highway rest station in Japan, on my way back to Tokyo.

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