Expo ’70 Commemoration Park (Bampaku kinen-koen 万博記念公園)

UPDATED: In autumn 2015 the latest project, Osaka Expoland will be inaugurated. This will be the largest entertainment and shopping center in all Japan, reactivating the whole area of the Expo ’70 Bampaku park.

The Expo ’70 Bampaku Park in Osaka has a special charm, now old fashioned and nearly abandoned, yet some people goes there for running, spending the day and barbaque. Seemed most of the facilities are just there as a reminder, still maintenance and attendance to the park was clear. As for the main monument, the Tower of Sun, is well known and recognisible around anywhere in Japan. To access the park drop off at Bampaku Kinen Koen station, of the Osaka monorail. It’s a short walk from there to the park and you can see the Tower of Sun from the station.

Banpaku park_07
Tower of Sun, Osaka Expo Park.

Banpaku park_01
Views from the station, Osaka Expo Park.

Opening hours start from 09AM, I made a miscalculation and arrived there on a sunny-hot day at 08AM.

Banpaku park_02
Osaka Expo Park.

Once packed with kids, on a normal day has more an air of abandoned park.

Banpaku park_03
Osaka Expo Park.
Banpaku park_04
Osaka Expo Park.
Banpaku park_06
Osaka Expo Park.
Banpaku park_08
It had to be done, the face.
Banpaku park_09
Tower of Sun, Osaka Expo Park.
Banpaku park_10
Museum of Ethnology, Osaka Expo Park.
Banpaku park_11
Osaka Expo Park.
Banpaku park_12
Osaka Expo Park.
Banpaku park_13
Osaka Expo Park.

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