JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

I thought this could be interesting to many of japanese language students, since there is so much people willing to take this exam every year worldwide.
The JLPT is the japanese language level test a.k.a Noken and is divided in 5 levels, from 5 to 1, being 5 the lowest and 1 the highest.
Well, I’m taking this year (again) the Noken 2, because only in Japan (and some other countries) you can take the test twice a year, summer and winter, but in Europe just in winter. For further detailed information of which countries and when to take the exam consult the official website jlpt.com

Book collection from my japanese student years in Tokyo.

Why do I want to pass this test? the higher your level, it’s supposed to make things easier to you if you’re planning to find a job in Japan or study in university, plus, of course, dealing with daily life in Japan.  How to study if I’m not in any language school now? Reading manga in japanese helps a lot since most of them use furigana on the kanji for easy comprehension, then writing on a notebook any kanji that I don’t recognise. Watch japanese TV shows and movies, as many times needed to understand at least 90% of what they say. Everyone has their own methods. Consult and make tests from previous years Noken, or test books. I have a good collection of those.

Test books to prepare the N2 JLPT.

Anyways, I always feel like I didn’t study enough. My struggle is with kanji, it all depends on my luck on the test from now on I guess.



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