Tokyo cafe experience, Owl no mori

Hidden in the streets of Akihabara, Owl no mori is the perfect escape and hideout in the heart of the big Tokyo metropoli. Once you leave the elevator on the 5th floor, you’re immediately transported to a forest. Walk through the door and you’ll be attended for one of the staff, welcoming you with the japanese word “irasshaimasen”.

One of the main characters at owl no mori cafe, Tokyo.

Tokyo is well known for surprising both locals and visitors with new experiences, technology, and services, like themed shops.
It all started probably with themed cafeteria places and shops. First, maid cafe. Then, cat cafe, and now the diversification of themed cafe has been rising for a couple of years or more. Check out the Owl no mori site on how to get there, just a couple of minutes and really easy from Akihabara station.

Owl bartender? I’d trust his opinion. Owl no mori, Tokyo.

As a tokyoite gaijin and traveller, from time to time is a must to try new places and shops. This was the case when I heard about the cafe Owl no mori (Owl forest). As the name implies, Owl no mori is a themed cafe with owls as the main attraction. Drink options goes from soft drinks to beer, but the main focus is the owl experience. The service and staff is great, really knowledgeable about how to take care of the owls, the different types, feeding, and all the questions you might have. The local is all decorated as a forest, keeping the lights low for the nocturne birds. A flat-screen and some out of the blue decoration might seem out of place for a forest, but it’s really charming.

Shizuku welcoming the clients, Owl no mori, Tokyo.

Wait till one of the staff members brings you one of the owls while taking sips of your drink. Then, they will teach introduce you to the owl, main characteristics, few tips on how to pet the owl and a few more behaviour advise. It’s completely fine to take pictures of the owls, but avoid using the flash, as they’re really sensible to light.

Pose for a picture, say cheese! Owl no mori, Tokyo.

This process repeats a few times, so you can have a little time with most of the owls. Start a conversation with the other clients, people is really kind and you might up making new friends.

Time to sleep, buddy. Owl no mori, Tokyo.
Biggest owls in Owl no mori, you can’t handle this guys, only admire them.
Those eyelashes! Owl no mori, Tokyo.
My new friend Pino, most popular owl from Owl no mori, Tokyo.

The whole experience is really nice. Enjoy your time there, have a drink, chat with the staff and get a boost on good vibes. A relaxing time in the heart of Akihabara, if you had enough wandering around Akihabara.

Sweet dreams, Owl no mori, Tokyo.

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