Walk around Barcelona

Not so many times I have the chance to relax and walk around Barcelona. Usually, I go from point A to B because I need to, and never think about it. It’s only when friends from abroad visit my hometown that I take my camera, spend some time with them and behave like a tourist in my own country. Did it so many times that I have a predefined route for newcomers.
Keep reading to see some photos and get to know the basic route I recommend for newcomers to Barcelona.

Passeig de Sant Joan, Barcelona.

One of my favourite starting point is Arc de Triomf, from here, head to Plaça Catalunya. Then, go north through Passeig de Gràcia, shopping streets and Modernist buildings.

Arc de triomf, Barcelona

First you’ll see from architect Gaudí is Casa Batlló, and just a bit more up north you’ll find Casa Milà. From here, go back to Plaça Catalunya and head through Les Rambles and Ciutat Vella, the oldest districts of Barcelona.

Casa Batlló, Barcelona
Casa Batlló, Barcelona.
Casa Milà, Barcelona
Les Rambles, Barcelona
Erotic museum at Les Rambles, Barcelona.

Bit hungry at this point? No problem, in Les Rambles there’s the Boquería market, an old local market, now one of the most popular tourist spots. Try some tapas and fruit, everything looks delicious, and recover some energy.

Boquería Market, Barcelona
Boquería Market, Barcelona.
Boquería Market, Barcelona.
Boquería Market, Barcelona.
Boquería Market, Barcelona.

From this point, walk around the old district, visit the Cathedral and the town hall square, Plaça Sant Jaume. Go deep into the Born district, or head straight to Barceloneta beach. It all depends on your energy and interests after 6Km walk, you deserve it.

Palau de la Generalitat_02
Plaça Sant Jaume, Barcelona.
Barceloneta, Passeig Marítim, Barcelona.

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