Walk around Sensoji, photo session

As the title indicates, this entry is all about photos I’ve taken on my walk around Sensoji shrine, in Asakusa, Tokyo. Under the category Walk Around, I want to share with all readers the best of every place, only by photography. Those special moments or things while travelling that might escape the always busy tourist eyes.

Kaminarimon, Asakusa, Tokyo.

Ladies wearing kimono, Asakusa, Tokyo.
Nakamise street, Asakusa, Tokyo.
Nakamise street, Asakusa, Tokyo.


Kimono as souvenir and rental service, Asakusa, Tokyo.


Side streets of Sensoji, Asakusa, Tokyo.
Old school performance of shop and goods carrier, Asakusa, Tokyo.
A thief on the rooftop, Asakusa, Tokyo.
There are several statues keeping an eye on the streets of Asakusa, Tokyo.
Five floor pagoda, Sensoji, Asakusa, Tokyo.


Clean your soul with smoke before entering the shrine, Asakusa, Tokyo.
Clean again your soul, now with water, Asakusa, Tokyo.


Sensoji shrine, Asakusa, Tokyo.
Small pond in the garden nearby Sensoji, Asakusa, Tokyo.


Small pond nearby Sensoji, Asakusa, Tokyo.
Sensory surrounding guardians, Asakusa, Tokyo.

The next photo deserves an explanation. The three monks were being asked by some tourists to take pictures with them. By their faces, I could tell they were just being polite, so I went to help surpass the language barrier between them. Surprisingly, the tourists were from Spain, and wanted to take a selfie with the three monks. After solving the misunderstanding, I took the photo for them (with grumpy faces) and the tourists gave thanks to me, instead of the three monks. I apologised for the tourists and gave thanks for them instead. Then the three monks offered me their blessing and the chance to take the photo you can see here. A small regard that I treasure.

Monks from Sensoji, thanks for letting me take the picture.
Pray for health, Sensoji, Tokyo.
Fancy some “senbei” cookies?

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