Hype in Kawaii Monster Cafe

The district of fashion and kawaii culture of Harajuku took another turn in summer 2015, opening its best representative in the form of a restaurant. Stepping into Kawaii Monster Cafe it’s a one way trip to Wonderland and a sweet experience to enjoy. Would you adventure into this sweet experience?

Kawaii Monster Cafe_01
Sweets go round in the center of the restaurant.

Kawaii Monster Cafe
The mind of art director Sebastian Masuda in collaboration with Diamond Dinning company brought to life the Kawaii Monster Cafe, located in Harajuku. You can check their location and opening hours on their website. The restaurant is divided in four main areas, with a central space occupied by a giant cake spinning, like a merry-go-round. On friday nights special events and DJ come to hype up the guests. At the entrance, depending on how crowded are the different areas, is possible to choose the table in your preferred area. All spaces are bright and colorful, with plenty of decoration following a theme.

Kawaii Monster Cafe_06
The detail on the decoration is absolute, everything is “kawaii”.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_02
Mushroom disco, our selected spot.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_03
Different areas to enjoy the meal.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_05
Bar Experiment area, for those that prefer a cocktail.

The Menu
It comes in a cake PDA, with different language options, and has a good feeling to navigate through the different pages. There are many colorful food options, but if rainbow pasta is not your choice, there are some traditional looking food to choose. The names of the plates are themed, so having the menu with photos of every item helps to understand what you’re ordering.
Fans of sweets will love Kawaii Monster Cafe, as most of the items in the menu have a sweet flavor. Even the fried chicken comes with chocolate. For a full rainbow and sweet experience, check the dessert menu.

Kawaii Monster Cafe_04
Even the menu looks sweet and tasty.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_11
Colorful poison parfait, attracting the looks of the other guests.

The Monster Girls
The special staff from Kawaii Monster Cafe. They wander around the areas, and come greet the guests whilst waiting for their order. Every one has a theme, and is a challenge to your eyes to appreciate all the details in their fashion. With basic english conversation you’ll be able to exchange a few words with the monster girls. And one monster boy.

Kawaii Monster Cafe_08
Monster girl Baby, one of the main “monsters” special staff.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_09
Monster girl Baby, on her way to welcome the guests.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_10
Monster girl Candy, came to our help with our food selection.

The experience
Like mentioned at the beginning of the article, a trip to Wonderland. From the first step into the restaurant, you’re kindly guided to the world of colorful and kawaii culture. In japanese, kawaii means cute, but for those not used to what can be “cute” in Japan, might feel a bit out of place. As many other themed restaurants in Japan, the level of detail is stunning, even the bathrooms are worth checking, for a bright color experience. Once finished the meal, there’s a goods shop near the exit, in case you want a memento from the restaurant to bring back home.

Kawaii Monster Cafe_07
The detail on the decoration is absolute, everything is “kawaii”.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_12
I wasn’t dressing accordingly to the colorful world that surrounded us.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_13
Kudos for Monster girl Candy, our host through the experience.
Kawaii Monster Cafe_01
Sweets go round in the center of the restaurant.

5 thoughts on “Hype in Kawaii Monster Cafe

  1. I’ve been to the monster cafe. While the decor is amazing and the food is fun, I found like many theme cafes in Japan, there’s an awkward atmosphere. Like once you get there, they aren’t quite sure what to do with you 🙂 We did go at a quiet time of day though so it might be different when it’s packed.


    1. I think I know what you mean. That could be the “gaijin” foreigner effect. As many of them don’t have the confidence to speak english (even if they have a good level), they get tense. It happens to me every time, until I speak in Japanese, then the flow changes. I’ve been in the same situation in many other places in Japan, we could say is the language barrier that makes things awkward.
      Hope you had a good experience!


      1. I don’t think so because we had a Western waitress 🙂 I think it could be more that a lot of theme places rely on the theme aspect to provide the atmosphere. The weirdest I went to was a “boy love” cafe in Akihabara. It was based on a non-existent boy love manga… and you’d see more real boy love in an average Australian cafe than was going on there!

        Also, a lot of theme places seem to have weird rules about things.

        The drinks in test tubes were pretty awesome though.


      2. Never seen a Western waitress there, but I know that during day time is a less active place to be. “Boy love cafe” never heard about that one! You’re right to the point that many themed cafe rely on the theme not so much on the service.


  2. Trippin' Turpins

    I have never seen such a rainbow of colour in a restaurant! The poison parfait looks Phenomenal! I love the idea of a PDA menu and the choice of languages, that would make ordering so easy.

    Liked by 1 person

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