Lost in Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is one of the main transport hub located between the Marunouchi business district and the top brand luxury commercial Ginza district, and next to the Imperial Palace grounds. Hub for six of the Shinkansen lines, JR lines and Tokyo metro lines, makes Tokyo Station busiest station in Japan, regarding the number of trains. Not only its location and inside characteristics are worth mention, but the Tokyo Station building itself is a part of the history of Tokyo. Many times I used the rails and passed through Tokyo station to use the Shinkansen or my way to the airport, but it wasn’t until I tried to get out of the station and visiting its surroundings that I got completely lost on my first attempt.

Tokyo Station_09
Entrance to Tokyo Station.

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Zojoji and Tokyo Tower, ancient and new together

A double visit, paradox of tradition and modern architecture. The Tokyo Tower stands behind Zojoji temple in Minato district, both protecting the contrast of time and change in the center of the Tokyo metropoli. At the temple you can contemplate and get to know japanese culture, religion and tradition. From Tokyo Tower observatory you can observe the magnitude of change through time, the modernity of the city, with green patches all over the city, the parks. Skyscrapers trying to reach even further every year, and on really clear days, even see the Mt. Fuji.
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Posing in front of Zojoji shrine and Tokyo Tower.

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Tokyo cafe experience, Owl no mori

Hidden in the streets of Akihabara, Owl no mori is the perfect escape and hideout in the heart of the big Tokyo metropoli. Once you leave the elevator on the 5th floor, you’re immediately transported to a forest. Walk through the door and you’ll be attended for one of the staff, welcoming you with the japanese word “irasshaimasen”.

One of the main characters at owl no mori cafe, Tokyo.

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Wandering around Akihabara

When there was not so much to do on a lazy day in Tokyo, I used to visit Akihabara, the Electric Town of Tokyo. Many times my friends from overseas asked for me to send them some goods or manga related merchandise, so Akihabara was the first place to come to mind.  In my case, I went there for the videogames. But my favourite part are the game centres, I could spend there all my day trying the latest games.
Why Electric Town, is it because all of the videogames, computer, and electronic devices shopping heaven? In part, yes. Nowadays, is better known by being the “otaku heaven” or mostly the place in Tokyo where you can find anything related to Anime, Manga, Merchandise and anything around it, also place for Maid Cafés all along the district amongst other particular shops. I’ll explain on this post why was it given the name of Electric Town.

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Streets of Akihabara.

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