Weekend motorbike trip through Central Japan

It finally happened, after all this years riding my Harley Davidson in Europe, and my trips to Japan, I could combine the two aspects of my trips for a weekend ride on the Central Japan roads. An experience that was for long time in my bucket list, and it’s still at the top of my list. Why? Even before returning the Harley Davidson at the Rental 819 store, I was already planning the next road trip. I review with detail many aspects of a first ride in Japan in this article, so if you share the passion for the road and planning to visit Japan, this review might help.

Untitled (Road Trip Izu Skyline_01 copy)
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Zeniarai Benten in Kamakura

After visiting some shrines in Japan, praying to the gods for health, happiness, or fertility, the Zeniarai Benten in Kamakura makes visitors take some more action. Zeniarai means coin washing, and that’s how visitors have to proceed for praying here. Nice to find hidden gems like the little shrine inside the cave in the city of Kamakura, the Benzaiten shrine. Get your thousand yen ready to be washed.

Zeniarai Benten_01
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Hype at Kawasaki warehouse arcade

Japan has a a serious sense of creativity and entertainment. Themed places, buildings and restaurants are located most of them in Tokyo. This is not the case of Kawasaki warehouse. As the name itself, is located in the city of Kawasaki, only a few stops by train from Tokyo. A really hidden gem for gamers and 90’s Hong-Kong movie fans, but that’s not the only attractive from Kawasaki Warehouse. We dared to go visit the place, and got hyped right from the start. To commemorate the event, I made a scary themed trailer from our visit. Watch it, if you dare, and read after to know more about the Kawasaki Warehouse.

Kawasaki warehouse_04
Kowloon walled city recreation. Kawasaki warehouse, Japan.

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Day at the beach in Shonan: Gaijin stories

Summer in Japan means blazing hot and humid days, feels like melting and smells like roasted meat.  To skip dying by a heatstroke (it’s really a thing on the news every summer) you can head to shonan area for a fun day trip, nearby Tokyo.
So as I did with a friend visiting me ends of July, we took our towels, sandals, and water guns and headed to shonan. Also, we went there to see the fireworks at Yuigahama beach, so it was worth a day. Here’s the story of a couple of male gaijin (foreigner in japanese) going to the beach.

Typical beach hut in Japan.

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