Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

If there’s something I like to do on spare time, that is to observe and learn, and I found in aquarium that kind of mind relax that people can get from an art exhibition. Marine life fascinates and scares me, and is good to know about the animal life in our planet.
My first trip to Osaka when I arrived to Japan in 2012 was to visit the aquarium, a really joyful activity, also known to go on a nice date spot and a family time with kids. Amongst the biggest public aquarium in the World, I saw for the first time many unknown fish and animals for me.

Osaka Aquarium_01
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan front.

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Dotonbori neon food streets

The city of Osaka is known as one of the gastronomy spots of Japan, and most of its restaurants are concentrated in the streets of Dotonbori. Along the Dotonbori river there’s a large number of restaurants, huge billboards and flashy neon lights to get you distracted every second you’re walking down the streets. At the end of the article you’ll find a short video filmed with my GoPro Hero 3 on the main street of Dotonbori. Not only Dotonbori is about food an amusement, keep reading to find about Hozenji temple in the backstreets of this entertaining district.

Biggest food billboards can be seen in Dotonbori area, Osaka.

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Expo ’70 Commemoration Park (Bampaku kinen-koen 万博記念公園)

UPDATED: In autumn 2015 the latest project, Osaka Expoland will be inaugurated. This will be the largest entertainment and shopping center in all Japan, reactivating the whole area of the Expo ’70 Bampaku park.

The Expo ’70 Bampaku Park in Osaka has a special charm, now old fashioned and nearly abandoned, yet some people goes there for running, spending the day and barbaque. Seemed most of the facilities are just there as a reminder, still maintenance and attendance to the park was clear. As for the main monument, the Tower of Sun, is well known and recognisible around anywhere in Japan. To access the park drop off at Bampaku Kinen Koen station, of the Osaka monorail. It’s a short walk from there to the park and you can see the Tower of Sun from the station.

Banpaku park_07
Tower of Sun, Osaka Expo Park.

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Universal Studios Japan

USJ was in my bucket list since I first stepped in Japan, and it wasn’t till almost at the end of my stay that I had the chance to go to this theme park, if it wasn’t for my good friend to come with me.

With the opening of the Harry Potter area this year, the park has increased its visitors, being the new area the most packed of the whole park every day.

 As I expected, the entrance brings the hype…

 This roller coaster, even though it wasn’t really thrilling, can be ride it backwards, plus has integrated speakers on every seat, and you can choose a song for the ride from a list. That made it a favourite on my list. Instead of getting hyped screaming you can sing to your hearts content WHILE screaming.

 Back to childhood! as theme park it has lots of rides of movies, from 80’s and 90’s.

 Jurassic Park ride almost made me cry and brought back my inner child. Now with the upcoming of Jurassic World the should update this attraction, (and the rest of them would be great too…)

 As Back to the future…. the moment I realized the interactive video said we’re going to 2015!! it’s not so exciting as we’re almost there….

 Walking raptor needs Coca cola and few customers

 Waterworld!! the show was nice, better than the movie….

 And the overhyped Harry Potter area

 More than 3 hours to get into the castle ride? no thanks, I didn’t even watch the movies

 Hell yeah Spiderman was a good ride.

 The one I wanted to go but I couldn’t 😦

 At night, the illumination was awesome and Hollywood style