Day in Djurgården, visiting Skansen and more

One of my favourite things to do while in Stockholm was to walk around the city. From the central station to the old town, Gamla Stan is a bit more than 20 minute walk. A bit further there’s Djurgården, one of the islands of the Stockholm archipelago, and turned out to be my favourite to visit. Green and open spaces, fresh air next to the water, and many museums to visit. This article is about the places I’ve visited on my days in Stockholm. The vasa museum, Skansen, and Gröna Lund.

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One day viking tour, the island of Birka and restaurant Aifur

As I introduced my reason to go to Stockholm in my first post of impressions about it, the research of viking lost culture was the main reason of my trip to the North. To do that, I asked beforehand to many swedish friends, search on guide books and sites to get some info about the topic. The part that got my attention the most was the island of Birka, UNESCO World heritage site, so I booked a tour to Birka by boat at After this little introduction you can keep reading to know about the one day tour I made to a full viking experience.

Viking boat replica, Birka.

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Impressions from Stockholm and the old town, Gamla Stan

Less than a month ago I went on a trip to Stockholm, to do research for my team’s master degree project. My part to do, learn and search legends of vikings. I’ll write about my findings on future posts. For now, I’ll like to share my first impression of Stockholm, as it was the first time I’ve visited it.

River along the city of Stockholm.

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