Shinjuku Omoide yokocho yakitori alleys

Next to Shinjuku station, on the west area lies the narrowest area for yakitori bars. In the postwar era, many shopping districts were built, but few survived the pass of the years and contemporary times. Shinjuku was a transit area between residential districts, and places like Omoide Yokocho survived.

Omoide Yokocho_01
Omoide Yokocho alleys, Shinjuku.

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Lost in Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is one of the main transport hub located between the Marunouchi business district and the top brand luxury commercial Ginza district, and next to the Imperial Palace grounds. Hub for six of the Shinkansen lines, JR lines and Tokyo metro lines, makes Tokyo Station busiest station in Japan, regarding the number of trains. Not only its location and inside characteristics are worth mention, but the Tokyo Station building itself is a part of the history of Tokyo. Many times I used the rails and passed through Tokyo station to use the Shinkansen or my way to the airport, but it wasn’t until I tried to get out of the station and visiting its surroundings that I got completely lost on my first attempt.

Tokyo Station_09
Entrance to Tokyo Station.

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Hype in Samurai Armor photo studio

Long gone are the days when samurai defended their lords and fought under the way of the samurai, known as “bushido”. The times of the armored samurai came to an end during the Meiji restoration, when the new government abolished the warrior caste, and forbid the use of katana. We’ve seen their armor and katana in museums. We’ve seen their stories in movies. Now there’s a chance to become a samurai, at least for a day, at the Samurai Armor Photo Studio, in Shibuya. I tried the experience and couldn’t have enough of the photoshooting and learning all my brain could retain about the samurai and the dressing process of the armor.

Samurai Armor PS_01
Takemura volunteered for this amazing shot using real katana.

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Hype in Kawaii Monster Cafe

The district of fashion and kawaii culture of Harajuku took another turn in summer 2015, opening its best representative in the form of a restaurant. Stepping into Kawaii Monster Cafe it’s a one way trip to Wonderland and a sweet experience to enjoy. Would you adventure into this sweet experience?

Kawaii Monster Cafe_01
Sweets go round in the center of the restaurant.

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