Walking through history in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter

The city of Barcelona grew through centuries to its actual state, but the core of the city remained, and remnants of past times are still open to the eye of every person that steps into the Gothic Quarter. The amount of historical spots and relics is so vast, anyone could spend a whole day visiting all those places and still not uncover everything. I can’t count the times I’ve been in the gothic quarter, I’ve even studied in a school there for some time, and everytime I found a new corner to observe, a new stone to uncover. Last time I visited during the “Festes de Sant Roc” the gothic quarter summer festivities, held every august. Follow me in this walk through history, and let me know in the comments about your impressions or other hidden spots to know in the Gothic Quarter.

Barcelona Gothic_01
Barcelona’s cathedral view from behind.

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Sant Pau modernist site in Barcelona

Former hospital, the modernist site of Sant Pau was reopened after renovation in 2014, for visits, guided tours, expositions and history archives. Though I’m constantly traveling around the globe, I still have a lot to explore of my home country and Barcelona. The largest modernist site in Europe, many times I have passed by the site and thought “next time”. It was the right time to assist at the Travel Bloggers Meeting event held at Sant Pau, and explore the modernist site.

Sant Pau_01
Sant Pau modernist site in Barcelona.

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Day trip to Arenys de Mar, seafood and walking around the old town

This year felt like winter never really came to Barcelona, and soon it will be the time to take the route to the beach. Warming up for summer, we rode our Harley Davidson to, on my first group road trip of the year. An early morning route from Barcelona to Costa Brava through the Catalan coastal range. Keep reading to know more about this city escape to Arenys de Mar, and take a glimpse to the streets of the old town in Arenys de Mar.

Arenys de Mar_14
Streets of the old town, Arenys de Mar, Catalunya.

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Walk around Barcelona

Not so many times I have the chance to relax and walk around Barcelona. Usually, I go from point A to B because I need to, and never think about it. It’s only when friends from abroad visit my hometown that I take my camera, spend some time with them and behave like a tourist in my own country. Did it so many times that I have a predefined route for newcomers.
Keep reading to see some photos and get to know the basic route I recommend for newcomers to Barcelona.

Passeig de Sant Joan, Barcelona.

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