Matsuri Japan in Barcelona

Japan, the country I fell in love with, and my hometown Barcelona, united in one event once a year, the Matsuri Japan. The Matsuri Japan took place on first weekend of June, and it’s the third consecutive year the event took place next to the beach in Barcelona. A two day event with plenty of activities, food stands, souvenirs shops and related. Sipping a cold can of green tea to trying on a japanese kimono or participating in a bon odori dance, japanese style, you can check all photos of the event through this post.

Matsuri Japan in Barcelona.

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moshi moshi nippon 2014

Sunday last week I assisted at the first edition of Moshi Moshi Nippon, and I said first, because after the succeed of the event I’m pretty sure next year they’ll have it again.
Moshi Moshi Nippon is an event created to promote japan popculture and fashion mainly to foreigners, but japanese can assist there as well (of course). The difference between foreigners and japanese assistants to the event was the price, so it was free entry for foreigners, probably (and I include myself) is difficult to attract foreigners to these events, as the knowledge about the REAL japanese popculture and fashion is still in a process of expansion. I’ve seen many “wannabe” foreigners around Tokyo for the past 2 years, or the others that think everyone in Japan consumes manga and anime and are experts on the samurai and ninja arts, or practice the tea ceremony everyday. OH the stereotypes….. anyways, I’m starting to miss the point here.

Tokyo National Stadium, Moshi moshi nippon.

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AnimeJapan 2014

I’ts been more than 2 weeks and yes, I’ve been procrastinating and telling myself (I’ll do it later) so finally I’m writting about it.
Day trip to AnimeJapan 2014 event at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba.
The always impressive building of Tokyo Big Sight, 4 reversed pyramid and conference Tower inside, and one of the largest exhibition centers I’ve ever been. Also, pilgrimage destination in summer for the ( no offense by saying it) Otaku community attending the Comiket. Of course other events are held here all year round, I go there almost every month for any kind of events and exhibitions.
Welcome to AnimeJapan 2014!!! or not… what it seemed to be the main entrance was a fake, at least for the common ticket, the real entrance was all the way around the building, actually behind the TBS, really poor indications about it. Lucky just have to follow the flow of people going from one place to another (and actually that’s what the information point guy told me, follow the people).

Tokyo Big Sight

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