Hype in Food, the Donburi style

Donburi is the food name for “rice bowl” in Japanese. That’s the base for this typical Japanese dish. Though, the variations, restaurants, and food chains that offer donburi style food goes as far as the cook can create. Most of the plates have the name of the main ingredient plus “don” in the end, the word for bowl, and even vary from region to region. My favorite from the list of basic Donburi, the Katsudon. Do you have any favorite? or any other recommendation to add? Let me know by leaving a comment in the section below.

Ticket Machine
Ticket machine at the entrance of a restaurant.

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Shinjuku Omoide yokocho yakitori alleys

Next to Shinjuku station, on the west area lies the narrowest area for yakitori bars. In the postwar era, many shopping districts were built, but few survived the pass of the years and contemporary times. Shinjuku was a transit area between residential districts, and places like Omoide Yokocho survived.

Omoide Yokocho_01
Omoide Yokocho alleys, Shinjuku.

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Hype in Kawaii Monster Cafe

The district of fashion and kawaii culture of Harajuku took another turn in summer 2015, opening its best representative in the form of a restaurant. Stepping into Kawaii Monster Cafe it’s a one way trip to Wonderland and a sweet experience to enjoy. Would you adventure into this sweet experience?

Kawaii Monster Cafe_01
Sweets go round in the center of the restaurant.

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Food Hunting, Yakiniku

Before going to live in Tokyo, I didn’t know about Yakiniku. Once I started socializing and exploring the many restaurants and local food, yakiniku restaurants became a must do when going out for dinner with friends. When asked by the things I miss from living in Japan, food is often on the list, and specially, yakiniku. Here’s a quick guide to go through dinner at yakiniku restaurants.

Gas style grilled meat, Yakiniku.

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