Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

If there’s something I like to do on spare time, that is to observe and learn, and I found in aquarium that kind of mind relax that people can get from an art exhibition. Marine life fascinates and scares me, and is good to know about the animal life in our planet.
My first trip to Osaka when I arrived to Japan in 2012 was to visit the aquarium, a really joyful activity, also known to go on a nice date spot and a family time with kids. Amongst the biggest public aquarium in the World, I saw for the first time many unknown fish and animals for me.

Osaka Aquarium_01
Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan front.

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Hype in Food, the Donburi style

Donburi is the food name for “rice bowl” in Japanese. That’s the base for this typical Japanese dish. Though, the variations, restaurants, and food chains that offer donburi style food goes as far as the cook can create. Most of the plates have the name of the main ingredient plus “don” in the end, the word for bowl, and even vary from region to region. My favorite from the list of basic Donburi, the Katsudon. Do you have any favorite? or any other recommendation to add? Let me know by leaving a comment in the section below.

Ticket Machine
Ticket machine at the entrance of a restaurant.

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A peaceful morning alone in Kyoto

Besides visiting the main tourist spots of the city, the old capital of Japan has many temples and shrines unknown for the major part of foreigner visitors. For those visiting for the first time, and with a limited time, there are lots of places to see in one day in Kyoto. As I’ve seen most of the tourist spots, it’s always refreshing to wander an explore around when I have the chance. Kyoto is packed all year round with tourists, yet waking up early and explore the surroundings of the ryokan we stayed was the highlight of the day.

Higashi Honganji_01
Entrance to Higashi Honganji temple, Kyoto.

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Weekend motorbike trip through Central Japan

It finally happened, after all this years riding my Harley Davidson in Europe, and my trips to Japan, I could combine the two aspects of my trips for a weekend ride on the Central Japan roads. An experience that was for long time in my bucket list, and it’s still at the top of my list. Why? Even before returning the Harley Davidson at the Rental 819 store, I was already planning the next road trip. I review with detail many aspects of a first ride in Japan in this article, so if you share the passion for the road and planning to visit Japan, this review might help.

Untitled (Road Trip Izu Skyline_01 copy)
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