Dotonbori neon food streets

The city of Osaka is known as one of the gastronomy spots of Japan, and most of its restaurants are concentrated in the streets of Dotonbori. Along the Dotonbori river there’s a large number of restaurants, huge billboards and flashy neon lights to get you distracted every second you’re walking down the streets. At the end of the article you’ll find a short video filmed with my GoPro Hero 3 on the main street of Dotonbori. Not only Dotonbori is about food an amusement, keep reading to find about Hozenji temple in the backstreets of this entertaining district.

Biggest food billboards can be seen in Dotonbori area, Osaka.

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Things to do in Kabukicho

Shinjuku, my second residence has the red light district of Tokyo, and despite it’s bad reputation, Kabukicho was once my playground. Saying it that way seems that I’m the night king of the sleepless town, but that’s not what I meant. The truth is, it has a lot to offer for night entertainment, as much as many leisure options and delicious restaurant for a good price. As many as you can imagine for the red light business. Nightclubs, bars, host and hostess clubs, and streets packed with love hotels. The newest landmark of the sleepless town, the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, has come to boost a good image and tourism to Shinjuku. Come take a walk around Kabukicho, review its landmarks and enjoy some short stories of my times around the area by reading the rest of this post.
You can also download this article from GPSMyCity app to get directions to use offline on your iphone or ipad of the places I reviewed.

The sleepless district, Kabukicho.

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Ichiran Ramen, fastest and and most silent service

There is a place for those days you simply are in craving for a quick meal, so concentrated that you won’t even try to start an interaction with anybody, disturbing you from your bowl of Ramen. In Japan, there’s Ichiran Ramen. A ramen shop chain so popular that sells their own products in their restaurants.

Ichiran Ramen, Tokyo.

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Food Hunting, Sushi

Many would agree that sushi is probably the essential image of japanese food, and it’s been in Japan for ages. Surprise is that, what we consider sushi is the modern version of a more ancient style. The sushi we find in restaurants and sushi booths nowadays is the “modern sushi” invented during Edo era, just a couple of centuries ago, and it was invented as a form of fast food, nothing to compare about nowadays fast food image. Sushi is not only rice with raw fish, as many varietes you can imagine, some of them delicious, some other varieties, not so much. Meat, vegetables, fruit, any combination is possible, but the king is, and hopefully will always be, raw fish. What is your favourite sushi plate? feel free to leave your recommendations and tastes in the comment section below.

Sushi set in Daiwa Sushi, Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.

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