Things to do in Yokohama

Is not so often that I have a chance to go out of Tokyo, but last April I was almost every weekend out, in particular, twice to Yokohama (and I wanted to go almost since I arrived to Japan, in 2012!). First time I went with my friend Natalie from Barcelona, second time with a group of students from Waseda International Club.

If you live in Tokyo and want to go to Yokohama, probably you’ll have to go through Shibuya. Me’ I’m lucky that I live nearby Fukutoshin Line, that goes in one go to Yokohama, and the trip takes a bit less than 1 hour from Shibuya Station. I’ll describe next in this post some of the things you can do when visiting Yokohama.

You can also download this article from GPSMyCity app to get directions to use offline on your iphone or ipad of the places I reviewed.

Shin-Yokohama station, Japan.

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