Andorra Travel Bloggers Meeting: The activities

Following up from the previous entry about #TBMAndorra , we had still another day full of activities waiting for us on Sunday. Divided into smaller groups, the travel bloggers chose their activities according to their preferences and styles. From walking tours, to hiking tracks, gourmet tours and cooking lessons and more. As an adventurer and speed fan, I chose my day to be spent in Naturlandia. Keep reading to see the lot of activities to do in one day.

Naturlandia in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra. Outdoor activity center.

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Things to do in Odaiba, the hype list

Home of Fuji TV and the Tokyo Big Sight convention and communication center, the leisure artificial island in Tokyo Bay has a lot to offer for tourists and visitors, families, groups of friends and specially lot of places and activities designed for a perfect date with your couple. At least four different shopping malls, Arcade and game centers, hot springs theme park Oedo Onsen Monogatari and Miraikan. Tokyo’s own leisure island. Here’s the ultimate hype list of things to do in Odaiba. The order of places goes from further on the Yurikamome line at Tokyo Big Sight, to closer to the leisure center of the island, in Daiba.
You can also download this article from GPSMyCity app to get directions to use offline on your iphone or ipad of the places I reviewed.

Odaiba Hype List
Rainbow Bridge and statue of Liberty replica views from Odaiba, Tokyo.

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Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo

Inaugurated in November 2014, I went few days after the opening so I could avoid those “mega” lines outside the shop. Located in the 2nd floor of the shopping mall Sunshine City  in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The reopening of the Pokémon Center in Ikebukuro made it the biggest till now, so I ventured into the shop. You know what they say… Gotta catch ’em all!!

Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo store, in Tokyo.

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Walk around Harajuku

Harajuku, located in Shibuya district, is the youth culture and fashion district in Tokyo, craddle of all fashion trendy gear and style comes mainly from Harajuku.
Along with Harajuku you can visit Shibuya, yoyogi park and Meiji jingu Shrine, a nice walk around these areas for a complete day. If you’rinto the japanese fashion, pop culture and latest trends, Harajuku is the place to be.

Takeshita Street is the most known place in Harajuku, among the backstreets of the area, packed with trendy shops and fashion. Right next to it there is Omotesando, place for top quality brands, shops and luxury.

Takeshita street, Harajuku.

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