A peaceful morning alone in Kyoto

Besides visiting the main tourist spots of the city, the old capital of Japan has many temples and shrines unknown for the major part of foreigner visitors. For those visiting for the first time, and with a limited time, there are lots of places to see in one day in Kyoto. As I’ve seen most of the tourist spots, it’s always refreshing to wander an explore around when I have the chance. Kyoto is packed all year round with tourists, yet waking up early and explore the surroundings of the ryokan we stayed was the highlight of the day.

Higashi Honganji_01
Entrance to Higashi Honganji temple, Kyoto.

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Zojoji and Tokyo Tower, ancient and new together

A double visit, paradox of tradition and modern architecture. The Tokyo Tower stands behind Zojoji temple in Minato district, both protecting the contrast of time and change in the center of the Tokyo metropoli. At the temple you can contemplate and get to know japanese culture, religion and tradition. From Tokyo Tower observatory you can observe the magnitude of change through time, the modernity of the city, with green patches all over the city, the parks. Skyscrapers trying to reach even further every year, and on really clear days, even see the Mt. Fuji.
You can also download this article from GPSMyCity app to get directions to use offline on your iphone or ipad of the places I reviewed.

Posing in front of Zojoji shrine and Tokyo Tower.

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One day in Kyoto

Many times I’ve been asked for things to do in Kyoto limited to one day visit. It’s difficult to narrow it all the amazing things you can visit or do in Kyoto. Usually my top recommendations are Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji shrine and Gion district on a tight schedule, but here’s a list of the main spots to visit in Kyoto. With good planning and timing you can be able to visit many places in one day in the old capital.

Tourists in front of the Kinkakuji shrine map, Kyoto.

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Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto 清水寺

Kiyomizudera, is a World Heritage buddhist temple complex located in Kyoto.
Curious details of kiyomizudera is that it was built without using even one nail, and it’s given its name by the waterfall running within the complex. The present buildings date from the Heian period by order of Tokugawa Iemisu.


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