Catalan food and weirdest Christmas tradition

It is the time of the year that everyone at home gets ready for, the Christmas long and heavy lunch and dinner, and the leftovers until the end of the year. The Christmas menu in Catalonia differs from family to family but most of them prepare similar catalan traditional food. All over the world, kids are waiting for Santa to give them presents, but in Catalonia and some places of the neighbouring regions Andorra or Aragon we still keep our own magic character to bring us presents, the Tió. I never realised how hard it was to explain my home country Christmas traditions until I had to write a report for japanese school in Tokyo. Keep reading to know more about the catalan Christmas food and traditions, and feel free to leave a comment if you know any other original or weird Christmas tradition around the World.

Fer cagar el tió, weirdest catalan Christmas traiditon.

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Matsuri Japan in Barcelona

Japan, the country I fell in love with, and my hometown Barcelona, united in one event once a year, the Matsuri Japan. The Matsuri Japan took place on first weekend of June, and it’s the third consecutive year the event took place next to the beach in Barcelona. A two day event with plenty of activities, food stands, souvenirs shops and related. Sipping a cold can of green tea to trying on a japanese kimono or participating in a bon odori dance, japanese style, you can check all photos of the event through this post.

Matsuri Japan in Barcelona.

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Kanazawa gold streets

On my visit to Kanazawa, my friend Yurina guided me to the gold streets in Kanazawa. I didn’t know at the moment what she was talking about but I was soon to discover. We walked to Higashi Chaya district, a tourist spot of the city, where you can buy souvenirs, visit museums, restaurants and teahouses. The places named Chaya were traditional places for entertainment, where geisha entertained people by performing dances and playing Japanese traditional musical instruments. The largest one of the chaya districts in Kanazawa is the Higashi (East) Chaya district. Nowadays is more focused for tourist entertainment.
The surprise was to find out most of the shops were offering gold made products and souvenirs, many of them made with gold leaf. Kanazawa makes 90% of gold leaf production in Japan.

Higashi chaya district, Kanazawa

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Sant Jordi (Saint George)

April 23rd is Sant Jordi in Barcelona, a celebration where the main event is the exchange of roses and books between couples. It’s the Catalan equivalent to St. Valentine day.
The tradition of giving a book on April 23rd comes from the universal expo on 1929 in Barcelona, when booksellers went out on the streets to sell books. It was so good for business that they decided to do it every year, on April 23rd, World Book Day.

Sant Jordi_01
Roses and books along the streets of Barcelona.

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