A peaceful morning alone in Kyoto

Besides visiting the main tourist spots of the city, the old capital of Japan has many temples and shrines unknown for the major part of foreigner visitors. For those visiting for the first time, and with a limited time, there are lots of places to see in one day in Kyoto. As I’ve seen most of the tourist spots, it’s always refreshing to wander an explore around when I have the chance. Kyoto is packed all year round with tourists, yet waking up early and explore the surroundings of the ryokan we stayed was the highlight of the day.

Higashi Honganji_01
Entrance to Higashi Honganji temple, Kyoto.

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Weekend motorbike trip through Central Japan

It finally happened, after all this years riding my Harley Davidson in Europe, and my trips to Japan, I could combine the two aspects of my trips for a weekend ride on the Central Japan roads. An experience that was for long time in my bucket list, and it’s still at the top of my list. Why? Even before returning the Harley Davidson at the Rental 819 store, I was already planning the next road trip. I review with detail many aspects of a first ride in Japan in this article, so if you share the passion for the road and planning to visit Japan, this review might help.

Untitled (Road Trip Izu Skyline_01 copy)
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How to move around Tokyo

With a massive amount of both train and metro stations, the capital of Japan is one of the most convenient cities to move around, and at the same time, one of the most complicated to understand. Rails are not the only method, and here I’ll make a quick review of the easiest ways and transports to move around Tokyo main areas. If you have any question or any other tip that I might’ve skipped, just let me know in a comment in the section at the end of this post.

How to move around Tokyo_01
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Packing for a trip to Japan, the hype list

Through all my years and trips to Japan, I’ve become a reliable source of information for friends around. Many times I’ve received messages starting with “Hey, how are you? I’m going to Japan, what should I do?” Even though I love to grab a coffee with anyone and talk deeply about the matter, sometimes I just don’t have the time, or is just not possible, as I’m always anywhere else but home. So I’m starting a series of Hype list, and going to share my travel tips and how to move around Japan to make it easier for everyone visiting the islands, and also making it easier for me to have the answers ready here written on Hype in Tokyo. This packing list will make you realise sometimes less is more, specially when planning a trip to Japan.

Packing to Japan
Packing to Japan, Hype in Tokyo list.

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