Tokyo Joypolis Sega indoor amusement park

In the leisure island of Odaiba, placed between two shopping malls lies an amazing indoor amusement park, Tokyo Joypolis. Love interactive videogames and simulators?  Then let me introduce you the many attractions of the indoor amusement park by Sega, and the reasons why you don’t have to miss the chance to enter.

Tokyo Joypolis_01
Entrance to Tokyo Joypolis.

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Wandering around Akihabara

When there was not so much to do on a lazy day in Tokyo, I used to visit Akihabara, the Electric Town of Tokyo. Many times my friends from overseas asked for me to send them some goods or manga related merchandise, so Akihabara was the first place to come to mind.  In my case, I went there for the videogames. But my favourite part are the game centres, I could spend there all my day trying the latest games.
Why Electric Town, is it because all of the videogames, computer, and electronic devices shopping heaven? In part, yes. Nowadays, is better known by being the “otaku heaven” or mostly the place in Tokyo where you can find anything related to Anime, Manga, Merchandise and anything around it, also place for Maid Cafés all along the district amongst other particular shops. I’ll explain on this post why was it given the name of Electric Town.

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Streets of Akihabara.

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Tokyo Game Show 2014

This weekend in Tokyo is a bit of madness, since we’re having here the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), and thousands of gamers are on pilgrimage to attend the event outside of Tokyo.
What to say about the event? sure you already been following the news that flow on the internet, game trailers, presentations, surprises and deceptions, so I’m gonna focus on a bit of what is a day around the event.

Entrance to Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Messe venue.

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